Crafting allows you to custom make gear for your warriors, combining the various ingredients you farm or buy from merchants into devastating new forms. Each weapon has its own unique appearance in the game, making it one of the few ways you can customize your character's appearance.

      Your crafting menu is organized alphabetically with the items you have the materials for appearing at the top of the list, and the items you do not have the materials for appearing at the bottom making 2 sets of alphabetical items. If you buy or loot the crafting items, giving you enough to make something appearing in the bottom list, it will stay in the bottom list until you reload the game. Then it will appear appropriately in order in the top list.

      (This is not a comlete list of all recipes, and if you have any information to add, please put it in the comments, or add an edit. Thank you for your understanding.)

Bruiser WeaponsEdit

  • Barbell  (6.4 dps)
  • Brick Wall   (21.7 dps)
  • Cave Mace
  • Divider
  • Man Mower
  • Porcelain Punisher
  • Road Maul
  • Windmiller

Medikus WeaponsEdit

  • Blow Pistol
  • Broderbo Boombox
  • Gas-o-matic
  • Lansman's Lantern
  • Lead Lobber
  • Light Gun
  • Whisker Gun

Regulator WeaponsEdit

  • Aberg Hand Cannon 500
  • Boomstick
  • Bottle Slinger
  • Duck Zapper
  • Rivet Rifle
  • Soda Sweeper

Slayer WeaponsEdit

  • Ancient Axes
  • Brawl'n Chain
  • Cliffhangers
  • Hard Hitters
  • Moose Whackers
  • Plant Destroyers
  • Postman Punishers
  • Shiv's
  • Trinity

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